Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well, I did it! Tonight I finished the Wilton Course 2 at Hobby Lobby. The instructor was Lori Cottrell, who made it a lot of fun. Throughout this course I mainly learned how to make flowers out of frosting and royal icing. My final cake was an oval strawberry cake with a cream cheese filling. It had basket weaving on the sides and a rope border. All of the flowers are made with royal icing. The flowers include Apple Blossoms, Violets, Mums, Daffodils, Victorian Roses, Pansies, Daisies, Primroses, and Rose Buds. I really enjoy decorating cakes and can't wait to start Wilton Course 4 at Hobby Lobby next week. It is a gumpaste and fondant class, which will run four weeks.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lynette, the Wonder Woman!
Your cakes look great! Are you ready to start teaching the rest of us as a RS group? You are so awesome! Hope I grow up to be like you...KN

Jake and Annette May said...

You are awesome!!! I love all the flowers on this cake!

Best H2O said...

Look at you go! The cakes look fantastic and I can't wait to see what you're gonna create next! :) Lori