Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Hey, Where's Perry???"

What do you get a 5-year old who loves Phineas and Ferb?  My little Adam turned 5 yesterday, so we decided (at the last minute) to throw him a "Where's Perry" birthday party.

He was thrilled to get some new PEZ dispensers!

He also got the Perry Files...

And, he got many other gifts that he absolutely LOVES!  In fact, he woke me up about 3 times in the night asking when it was going to be morning so he could play with his birthday presents.

His 12-year old sister made him an ADORABLE banner!  I knew if anybody could pull off a cute "Perry" poster, Erin could do it.

We also made him a "Perry The Platypus" Cake!
The base cake was a 14-inch round chocolate cake with a chocolate fudge frosting.  Perry was also made out of chocolate cake.  The cake was definitely the "hit" of the party!

Happy Birthday little buddy!  We can't believe that you are already 5 years old.  We love you so much!!!
Hey...... Where's Perry?

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